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°  Call or email to schedule a date, choose a workshop, and invite your friends to join the fun.

°  Those who want to attend register and prepay $40.

°  The minimum guest count to book a Paint Party is 5, and the maximum at Carol Whalen Art Studio is 8. Alternatively, if you have the space, I will come to you for an additional $25.

°  Carol Whalen Art Studio provides all the painting supplies, including acrylic paint, 12x16” canvases, easels, and brushes.

°  You and your friends bring your beverage(s) of choice.

°  Cancellations are accepted for a full refund up to 48 hours in advance.


CLASSES:  Tuition and General Information


Private lessons are $60 for a 2-hour class.


Tuition for On-going Classes:


Tuition is $25 per 2-hour class, paid by the month, in advance, on the last class of the previous month. I do not offer refunds for missed classes and encourage students to make up any missed class by attending class on another day.


An annual materials fee of $20 is due with the first tuition payment. It renews every September, regardless of when your student began during the year. 


Be sure to call or text when you or your child cannot attend a class; the spot is then open for someone to make up a class. 




If a student enrolled for the month misses a class, they can take a make-up class where there is space available. Students have 1 month to take their make-up class. 


Inclement Weather/Class Cancellation:


Please check your email, or text me at 603-969-7704, if you are concerned that class may be canceled. I will try to post a notice at least 1 hour before any scheduled class, informing you of whether class will be canceled or not. 


There is no charge for canceled classes.


REMINDER:  PLEASE TEXT or CALL IF YOU/YOUR CHILD ARE GOING TO BE ABSENT. Your call will allow space for someone to make up a class. More importantly, I won't worry about your child if I know not to expect him or her.


I invite you to talk with me if you have questions or concerns at any time.

CLASSES:  Supplies List

Students should come to class with the following supplies*: 


            Sketchbook, 7 x 9" or larger.

            Graphite pencils:  4H and 6B, any brand except Artist Loft - you will be disappointed with the results.

            Kneaded eraser

            Pink Pearl or other rubber eraser


*I can provide a set of the above supplies for a reasonable fee if you prefer.

Adult students should plan to bring, or acquire over time, their own paints and painting supports. For those who prefer to use only the studio supplies, this can be arranged for an additional monthly fee.

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