Watercolor Class


In this class, students will discover how freeing and fun painting with the unique and translucent medium of watercolor is. Each class will include instruction in and demonstrations of watercolor techniques, as well as lessons in drawing, composition, color theory, and the basic elements of art.

This class is ongoing.

Supply List


           Prussian Blue                                   cool blue
           Lemon Yellow                                   cool yellow
           Alizarin Crimson                                cool red
           Hooker’s Green                                cool green
           Utramarine Blue                                warm blue 
           Cadmium Yellow medium                  warm yellow
           Cadmium Red                                  warm red
           Sap Green                                        warm green
           Dioxazine Violet                       
           Burnt Sienna                                     earthy, warm burnt-orange
           Burnt Umber                                     earthly, warm neutral

Paper:  Use any watercolor pad, block, or loose paper with a weight of #140 or higher. The heavier the paper, the less likely you’ll have to deal with the paper warping while painting.

Palette:  Either a large plastic tray, or white butcher’s tray, or commercial palette will do.  Whatever your choice, it must be white and large (about 12”x 16”); otherwise you can’t see the color you’re mixing or have room to mix in it.

A covered plastic palette makes for the least waste and most convenience if you are using tube watercolors. If you are getting serious, buy one.

Brushes:  Watercolor brushes have soft hair or bristles. Synthetics are fine. Remember that the rigger brush has long hairs, not short hairs. Choose your sizes according to whether you want to paint large or small. You will need:

           mop brush
           flat brush
           round brush
           rigger brush

Drawing materials:

           H or HB pencil
           Kneaded Eraser


           Paper Towels
           Plastic container for water
           2 bulldog or “chip clips” to clip paper to drawing board  (not needed if using a watercolor block)
           One or two paint rags
           Cellulose sponge for wiping brushes on

Still Life with Metal Pitcher

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